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                                     Prayer for the Fleming Family

I pray that You will open doors for the Flemings

     so that Your gospel message may be proclaimed.

I pray that they will proclaim Your message fearlessly and clearly as they should.

I pray that You will help them to see when they fail You

      and that they will repent and remain close to You.

Help them each day to put on the full armor of God.,

      that they may stand firm against the devil and not fall under his schemes.

I pray that You will help them to remember to thank You a

      and praise You in all circumstances.

Help them to remember that You alone are their source of strength,

      their Rock in times of trouble.

Help them to bring up their children to follow You and to serve You.

Help them not to be anxious about anything, but in everything,

      to present their needs to You and trust You.

Help them to be faithful to reach out to the poor and needy

      and share the blessings You have bestowed upon them.

Help me to remember to lift this family up in prayer to You

      so that they may remain strong in their faith,

      and experience health in their physical bodies

      and receive the blessings they need to live and proclaim Your gospel.

In the mighty the mighty name of Jesus, I claim Your promise

      that whatsoever I ask according to Your will it shall be done.


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